Check Out the Equipto Modular Drawer Cabinets!

Whether you work in a manufacturing setting or an education facility, organizing your workspace and storage areas is a priority. The Modular Drawer Cabinets from Equipto, sold by Steinco Industrial Solutions are the solution to organizing any space.

Each metal storage cabinet is a single welded piece with drawer capacities up to 400 pounds. And there are numerous heights and widths for these storage cabinets to allow for a customized solution that can adapt to any storage requirement.

The Equipto Modular Drawer Cabinets are highly durable and come with tempered steel drawer bearings to allow for a high strength to weight ratio that maximizes your available cubic space. These cabinets are engineered as a secured storage option to reduce theft and slippage, while increasing your storage efficiently.

These cabinets range from 22-60 inches wide and are designed for years of rugged use perfect for a maintenance or automotive setting, or to store jewelry and other precious artifacts, such as at a museum.

For more information on the Equipto Modular Drawer Cabinets, visit the Steinco Industrial Solutions online product store and click on the full PDF primer that includes all of the options for the last cabinets you will ever need in your workspace.