Equipto’s Golf Bag Storage

At Steinco Industrial, we know that manufacturing facilities and other tech locations aren’t the only places that need secured storage. There are many places that can benefit from metal storage cabinets, including country clubs and golf courses. With Clubstor golf bag storage from Equipto, these facilities can deliver better service than ever.

There’s no denying that storing golf bags isn’t always easy. They’re bulky, awkward to handle, and they can make a huge mess if they tip over. With metal storage cabinets, however, you gain access to a convenient and durable storage solution. Available in both mobile and fixed setups, these metal storage cabinets are specifically designed to deal with the unique challenges associated with golf bag storage.

For example, Clubstor storage cabinets provide ample ventilation to golf bags, preventing the possibility of mildew growth. The middle shelf can have its height adjusted depending on your unique storage needs, allowing you to make better use of your available space. These features allow country clubs to increase their golf bag storage capacity by 67 percent.

These metal storage cabinets are also highly durable. Constructed using only high-quality steel, they can withstand any bumps from your patron’s golf clubs, giving you a long-lasting and convenient storage solution that will help you save space and provide better service.