Feature: Grating Planks

If you are searching for a mezzanine or rooftop walkways, Unilock Grating Systems from Unistrut are the perfect solution. 

Features of Unilock Grating

Unilock Grating Systems are engineered and manufactured with an ideal strength to weight ratio which allows it to withstand substantial loads. But where this grating system sets itself apart is with its easy to handle usability. The male-female interlocking system allows for a safe, secure lock. Double male legs provide a safe finished edge for end planks. 

The grating planks come in two different surfaces. Slotted smooth and anti-skid planks give you the options you want for the conditions you work in. Anti-skid planks are the best choice when walking conditions are important in icy, muddy, wet, or oily circumstances. 

The punched system incorporates an open area greater than one-third of the total area to prevent dirt, debris, ice, snow, and other materials from building up. 

Choose Your Material and Size

Unilock Grating Systems are available in pre-galvanized steel, aluminum, or Unistrut Defender. Plus, planks come in standard 6, 9, and 12 inch widths. 

Regardless of your needs, the Unilock Grating System from Unistrut offers an easy to assemble, durable, and cost-effective solution for any type of walkway you need. 

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