Feature: Lista Mobile Cabinets

Finding a durable and secure storage option for an industrial facility can already be a challenge—but what about when you need a mobile storage solution? Thankfully, Mobile Metal Storage Cabinets from Lista can provide the perfect storage space.

Lista Mobile Cabinets offer the same great storage options provided by other Lista products—individual drawer latches, a wide range of drawer configuration options, and a 150-pound capacity for each storage drawer. Then, of course, there’s the sturdy metal design, reinforced to withstand even the toughest of work environments. These and other features make these Metal Storage Cabinets perfect for safely housing a wide variety of industrial products.

They key difference, of course, is the fact that these cabinets are 100 percent mobile. Thanks to the addition of heavy-duty casters, you can easily move your cabinet wherever it needs to go. The addition of sturdy handles and wheel brakes makes it easy to maintain control of your cabinet, even when it is fully loaded.

As with other Lista products, these Metal Storage Cabinets are completely customizable, allowing you to select a configuration that perfectly suits your company’s unique needs. With the perfect combination of mobility and organization, a Lista Mobile Cabinet will help you be more productive than ever.