Feature: WireCrafters Pallet Rack Backing and Enclosures

We are proud to feature WireCrafters Products as they are the leading manufacturer of woven and welded wire partitions and other related material handling products. Since the company was established in 1967, they’ve become the leading producer of wire partition products in the United States. Their products are manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky, using materials that are all domestically sourced and they take great pride in what they make.

When it comes to securing your inventory and the content of any of your pallet racks, security experts and loss prevention specialists prefer WireCrafters Style 840 Partitions. Any existing facility pallet racks that you may have can be completely enclosed with standard wire mesh panels and doors to secure and control your inventory. Modular sized wire mesh panels are also available and are quick to install. WireCrafters wire mesh panels are inherently stronger than competing pallet rack enclosing systems. A complete pallet rack enclosure then will consist of wire mesh panels on the back, ends, and top of the rack, with access doors on the front side of the enclosure. You can choose from double sliding doors or double hinged doors for your metal enclosure. We’d love to talk with you today about how WireCrafters’ wire partitions and cages can help you to secure your valuable property