Five Things To Know About Modular Offices From Starrco


At Steinco Industrial, we understand that many companies don’t have the time or budget to undertake traditional construction for their office expansion. Because of this, many industrial facilities have turned to Modular Starrco Office Systems to fulfill their needs.


Here are five key things you should know about Starrco Office Systems:


1.Versatility - One of the chief advantages of Starrco Office Systems is their versatility. These modular offices can be assembled to serve as cafeterias, guard shacks, or even administrative offices! No matter what type of modular office you need, these systems can be configured to provide the perfect solution.

2.Quick Assembly - Standard construction projects can take months to complete. Modular Office Systems, on the other hand, can be installed over the course of a few days. Pre-finished materials make installation quick and easy, ensuring only a minor interruption to your team’s work.

3.Easy Adaptation - The same features that make Starrco Office Systems easy to install also allows them to be expanded, modified, or even moved with relatively little effort. You could even add a second story when you need to expand to save valuable factory floor space!

4.Sustainability - By using recycled materials during construction, Starrco Office Systems help reduce your impact on the environment—while also helping you save money.

5.Everything You Need - With pre-installed electrical systems and custom accessories such as pre-engineered heating units, roof decks, and more, these modular office systems can be equipped with everything your team needs to be successful.