Get Organized with Equipto Shelving & Racks

We’ve all been there. Deadlines loom, there are projects to finish and customers to keep satisfied. In the process, tools get scattered, paperwork gets shuffled and there doesn’t seem to be any order anywhere.

Equipto shelving and racks can help restore order in any business. Whether you need bins for small parts, metal storage cabinets or heavy duty steel shelves for weight support, Equipto has you covered.

These industrial strength products are made to last. Equipto V-Grip Shelving is durable and flexible, made to reconfigure with your changing needs. They are great for dealer clothing and merchandise display areas as well as employee areas.

Drawers and storage units are stackable and configurable, allowing you to set up your work area in a way that works for you. Equipto Wire Steel Trays can be placed waist high for easy access to frequently used parts. There are 48 different drawer sizes, widths and heights, ranging from 3 inches to 13 ½ inches, with 200 to 400-pound capacity. They come with or without dividers to handle parts of all shapes and sizes.

Equipto bulk racks with solid or wire shelving are made for heavier loads and wider units. They come in standard, medium and heavy duty.

Boltless storage racks, heavy duty bar racks, reel racks and other specialty units are available. All units are offered in attractive enamel paint finishes in a variety of colors.

These modular designs offer quick assembly and are less expensive than new construction.

 With the ability to evolve and change with your business, Equipto racks and shelvings, take the stress out of organizing your office and workspace.