Handrail and Guardrail Options from WireCrafters

Maintaining a safe work environment for employees should be at the top of any company’s priorities—especially those in an industrial setting. When it comes to maintaining employee safety in your facility, few industrial products are more versatile—or important—than handrails and guardrails from WireCrafters.

Many employers only think they need to use guardrails on Unistrut Rooftop Walkways, mezzanines, and other raised platforms where a fall could result in serious injury. And while guardrail installations in these locations are quite valid, they are far from the only way a WireCrafters handrail or guardrail could be utilized.

For example, many companies use WireCrafters handrails to create separate lanes for fork trucks and employees in busy areas of a warehouse floor. These handrails can also be used to improve employee safety in shipping areas with dock height doors by encouraging them to maintain a safe distance from dangerous locations.

WireCrafters guardrail products add an additional layer of security for both your employees and products by setting up a sturdy safety barrier. These guardrails have been tested to withstand impacts from sweepers, forklifts, and other equipment with loads of up to 10,000 pounds. By providing a powerful barrier, companies are able to prevent injuries to employees and damages to valuable parts and equipment.

Investing in employee safety is a move that will always pay off and something we here at Steinco Industrials takes seriously and with WireCrafters handrails and guardrails, it’s never been easier to make your facility safer for everyone.