How to Protect Your In-Plant Office Systems

While Starrco Office Systems are designed to provide a durable, adaptable office space within the confines of your factory, there’s no denying that the occasional accident can take place. After all, one of the last things you want to have happen is for a malfunctioning piece of equipment to run into your office area and seriously damage your wall panels and other valuable equipment. So what can you do to protect your In-Plant Office Systems? As always, Steinco Industrial has a solution.

It’s sometimes said that the simplest solutions are best, and this is especially true when it comes to protecting your Starrco Office Systems. That’s because the best way to protect these offices is with a simple safety guard rail system. Anchored to the floor and manufactured with powerful formed steel, Starr Guard Safety Guard Rail Systems serve as a perfect barrier for Starrco Office Systems, conveyers, traffic aisles, and more.

Like other Steinco Industrial products, these guard rail systems are easy to install or expand, making them perfectly customizable to offer total protection to your in-plant office area. In addition to providing the strength necessary to resist impacts from heavy machinery, the bright yellow paint more readily alerts workers of a potential hazard, helping your company save money by preventing serious accidents.