Keep Your Employees and Products Safe with WireCrafters Rack Back

With worker safety a top concern for industrial facilities across the country, it can sometimes seem difficult to find effective, easy-to-install solutions. Thankfully, there is a WireCrafters Storage Solution specially designed to protect both employees and industrial equipment: WireCrafters Rack Back and here at Steinco Industrial we can set you up with one.

What is the WireCrafters Rack Back? In short, this industrial solution is a wire mesh panel, designed to bolt directly to preexisting pallet rack columns. By firmly holding stored items in place, this product essentially eliminates the risk of falling objects causing harm to workers or equipment. Constructed using welded wire mesh, WireCrafters Rack Back is completely customizable to suit your company’s storage needs—the mesh can even extend higher than the top rack beam for additional security. Better yet, its intuitive design allows for a rapid installation process.

WireCrafters Rack Back panels offer both strength and flexibility to secure your storage racks without compromising storage space. To allow you to continue to get the most from your storage space, the brackets used to install this rigid wire mesh are offset to allow for a slight load overhang. But with the industry’s heaviest assembly hardware and the use of flat steel stiffeners behind the mesh, the WireCrafters Rack Back also has the capability to firmly hold objects in place at all times.

By making a conscious effort to protect your employees and equipment from falling objects, you can enjoy greater productivity and create a better work environment for everyone.