Learn more about Container Tilters by Presto

Presto container Tilters work by tilting baskets toward the workers to eliminate the need for workers to bend and stretch. This means workers can access parts with more ease and less fatigue. 

• Presto Pneumatic Tilters can be used anywhere that shop air is available. They require no electrical power and because they use no hydraulic fluid, there is no chance of process contamination.

• Presto Fixed Height Tilters can be mounted on legs, workbenches or directly on the floor. These container tilters are ideal for odd shaped or sized containers or odd loads.

• Presto Portable Container Tilters are DC-powered and can be used anywhere they are needed. We recommend them for applications that require a job to be shared between multiple users or work cells, or jobs that necessitate workers to pick up and return containers to and/or from staging areas.

• Presto Floor Level Container Tilters are designed to be fed by hand pallet trucks. These "pan" style tilters can accommodate any style of container or wire basket, even those that have closed bottoms or reinforcing bars. You can choose from tilt only or lift & tilt designs.

• Presto Stationary Tilters are perfect for dedicated stationery jobs. Custom design is available and they feature a capacity that ranges from 2000-4000 pounds. 

Find out more about the container tilters we offer and their features here.