LISTA All-Purpose Benches

With so many industrial products that you use in your facility, it can be easy to overlook the importance of a quality workbench. As the team at Steinco Industrial knows quite well, however, a high-quality all-purpose bench to accompany your Lista Technical Workstation can make a big difference in your team’s efficiency and productivity.


Even in industrial settings, employees often require the use of a work bench for housing computers and files, or even serving as a surface for intricate mechanical work! In these situations, a standard work bench will hardly be sufficient, and as a result, many industrial companies use a Lista Technical Workstation with an All-Purpose Bench to provide the toughness and versatility required by these environments.


Lista All-Purpose Benches can support a 1,000-pound load, and their tough surface options make them perfect for a wide range of mechanical tasks that lesser workbenches wouldn’t be able to handle. Steel construction and a durable finish ensure that these benches can maintain their quality for years to come.


With the easy integration of Storage Systems and other Lista Technical Workstation Products, these versatile workbenches can also help create a more efficient work environment that improves organization and consolidates available space. You can’t go wrong with Lista All-Purposes Benches.