Modular Panel Composite Cores

Ebtech Industrial Building Solutions is a leading manufacturer of modular building solutions. Their products can be used for interior or exterior uses, including military applications. When constructing a modular option, a modular panel composite core is essential. These composite cores are the heart of the walls to a modular solution.

Ebtech offers several different cores to fit your needs and project requirements. 

There are green or economical housing material, ultra-lightweight, High-Value R, or impact resistant cores which can be utilized throughout your modular industrial solution. 

If you are searching for a lightweight and affordable core, the EB-EPS core is the model for you. These panels are built around a recyclable Expanded PolyStyrene inner core that is bonded between sheets of structurally rated oriented standard board (OSB). The panels are structural so there is no need for a framework or steel studs. The panels create a wall system that is stronger than traditional framing methods, eliminates thermal bridging, breaks, or air infiltration.

These panels are ideal for most low-rise commercial LEED and green building projects. 

The EB-HC Core is an ultralight honeycomb core of reinforced thermoplastic skin around a polypropylene honeycomb core. These panels can be hardened against ballistic, blast, RFI or EMI threats too. The EB-HC Core is durable, extremely strong, and environmentally friendly. They are also resistant to moisture, corrosion, fatigue, and other environmental or chemical issues. 

An EB-PUF Core panel uses a rigid polyurethane foam insulating material bonded between sheets of structurally rated OSB. These panels are designed to be thermally stable and can reduce heating and cooling costs. 

Ebtech offers other composite cores depending on your exact needs, as well as a classic model which is suitable for most interior or exterior uses. 

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