Organize Your Small Parts!

While large tools and heavy equipment tend to get the most attention, the small parts you use for your manufacturing work are equally important. Unfortunately, many companies become much less efficient than they should be, simply because they fail to use metal storage cabinets and other resources to organize their small parts.

How often have you found yourself wasting precious minutes, simply because your small parts storage is a jumbled, cluttered mess? When you don’t know where to find the parts you need, your work slows down, which can often lead to unnecessary delays.

These days, there’s really no excuse for these types of problems. With the help of Equipto Wire Steel Trays, Metal Storage Cabinets, and other accessories, you have access to durable storage solutions that allow you to conveniently organize your small parts.

For example, you can use small metal drawers—or even Metal Storage Cabinets with dividers—to separate your small parts by type. Rather than rummaging through a disorganized door in an attempt to find what you need, you can just open the drawer with the proper label, get the part you need, and go on with your day.

These small storage solutions from Equipto are available in several size variations to perfectly match your storage needs. Why waste time in a disorganized workspace? With these small storage options, you’ll be able to work more efficiently than ever before!