Pallet Positioner by PRESTO

Raising and lowering heavy loads can be a time-consuming and sometimes dangerous task—but not when you have the help of Presto Lifts. As many facilities have found over the years, the help of Scissor Lift Tables—and Presto Pallet Positioners in particular—offers many distinct advantages to their business.

Presto Lift Tables allow your employees to more easily build or break down pallet loads by rising and lowering to reach the ideal height for loading and unloading. This can greatly speed up the work of your team, while also protecting them from back injuries and other strains caused by frequent heavy lifting. With a weight capacity of up to 4,500 pounds and a sturdy reinforced design, Presto Lifts have more than enough strength to handle the daily demands of the industrial workplace. 

The portable design and 360-degree rotating top offered by many Presto Lift Tables further improves productivity, allowing workers to quickly load and unload materials anytime, anywhere. By reducing the amount of time spent on this common industrial task, your team can dedicate more of their efforts to other important jobs. 

By reducing the risk of injury and speeding up the common tasks of stacking and unloading, the use of a Pallet Positioner and other Presto Lift Tables can ultimately help you improve working conditions for your employees and increase your profitability.