A quick look at Presto Lifts PowerStak Line

Presto offers a premium line of powered stackers that can make your stacking and transportation safer and more efficient. When compared with manual stackers, the Presto PowerStak Line more than pays for itself with the increase in productivity that it facilitates. The PowerStak Heavy Duty has an extended mast and can safely move and stack up to 3,000 pounds! You can imagine the positive effect that a machine like this could have on your overall efficiency. Like most of Presto Lifts’ designs, the PowerStaks come outfitted with a half-speed option to ensure that maximum maneuverability is permitted. The handles are also outfitted with a pressure sensitive emergency stop that guarantees the safety of the user.

Built with the user in mind, in event of either a forward or backwards moving incident the lifts will cease motion. Presto also has a line of scissor lift tables that can raise any project up to the correct height. In the same way that their PowerStak assists with large loads and storage, the scissor lift table brings all loads to appropriate waist level for working or transferring to tables. If you are still searching for other types of machines to help with your workload, check out Presto Portable Tilters and Presto Lift Tables. Eliminate fatigue and lifting while increasing your efficiency with Presto’s Powerstak Line.