Safety Benefits of Pallet Rack Backing with Wire Mesh Panels

Almost every industrial facility has them—pallet racks that extend practically to the ceiling, filled to the brim with a wide range of heavy industrial parts. Unfortunately, far too many companies fail to invest in secured storage solutions to protect their employees from falling objects. Like it or not, accidents happen—and in some cases, this can result in serious injury to an employee or irreparable damage to a valuable piece of equipment. By adding wire mesh to the back of your storage racks, however, you can keep your employees and inventory safe.

Not all secured storage solutions are created equal—and wire mesh panels easily separate themselves as superior to other workplace safety options. The tough wire mesh is backed with flat steel stiffeners and are mounted to the pallet rack at multiple points, creating a solid barrier that ensures nothing falls onto an unsuspecting person below. These panels can even be mounted above the top rack, keeping items on the top shelf firmly in place.

In addition to providing a sturdy barrier that keeps objects from falling, wire mesh panels can also prevent theft by limiting access to stored industrial products. Individuals outside the mesh partition have no access to the panel’s assembly hardware, keeping your valuable items safe from vandalism or theft.

By preventing workplace injuries and damage to your equipment, this form of pallet rack backing is an investment that quickly pays for itself.