Starrco’s Modular Clean Rooms

When most people think of secured storage, they think of the need to keep valuable equipment under lock and key to prevent loss or theft. But these aren’t the only ways that products can be secured. In some industries, a clean environment that is free from outside contaminants is essential to achieve a successful end result. The same technology that is used to fabricate Starrco Office Systems can also be used to create modular clean rooms that fit your company’s needs.


Clean Rooms are essential in pharmaceutical manufacturing and other industries where the removal of environmental pollutants (such as dust, microbes, and other contaminants) is needed to complete the manufacturing process. In a Clean Room; walls, ceilings, floors and other components are interfaced in a way to keep out unwanted contaminants and provide a controlled environment for delicate tasks.


Starrco’s Modular Clean Rooms give you total control over an area’s interior environment, including vital factors such as air temperature, humidity and air filtration. Like other Starrco Office Systems, these clean rooms are pre-engineered for quick installation and dependable construction, making it easy for your team to gain access to the resources they need without disrupting their work flow.


Whether you need a temperature-controlled environment for storing sensitive equipment or a clean area for tricky manufacturing processes, a Starrco Modular Clean Room will help your company avoid the potential pitfalls of a dirty work area.