Starrco Portable Office Buildings

Of the many industrial products that can be of use for your facility, few are more unique or versatile than Starrco Portable Office Buildings. At Steinco Industrial, we’re proud to make high-quality Starrco Office Systems available for a wide range of functions.

Don’t let the word “portable” fool you into thinking these Starrco Office Systems aren’t built to last! Portable Office Buildings are prefabricated using durable aluminum and steel. The entire structure is built with an impact-resistant core and provided with a rust-resistant finish, ensuring that these buildings can withstand severe weather or impacts from heavy equipment.

Portable Office Buildings are designed to function just like a traditional structure, with options for air conditioning installations, custom paint jobs, countertop installations, and more. Portable Office Buildings come equipped with a prewired electrical package and various configurations for doors, roof, floors, and windows to ensure that these small structures are comfortable and safe for your employees.

Easy setup and transportation are other key features of Portable Office Buildings. Fully assembled prior to shipping, these buildings can be installed in their new location extremely quickly. Custom options can make them even easier to transport when relocation is necessary.

The many design benefits of these Starrco Office Systems have made them a popular choice for security guardhouses, toll booths, indoor and outdoor kiosks, and other small structures. For a convenient, durable small office solution, you would do well to check out Starrco Portable Office Buildings.