Things to know about the V-Grip Shelving with Drawers

V-Grip Shelving is unlike any other adjustable shelving unit. Where most units would only allow for limited adjustment such as changing the shelving height up and down, V-Grip Shelving goes above and beyond. With 48 different drawer sizes V-Grip Shelving is a versatile technical workstation. With an emphasis on the user’s comfort, the drawers are positioned between the shoulder and knee of most to reduce reaching and bending that are common with most storage cabinets. The space is not wasted though, as the prime placement of drawers in the center of the unit allows for bulk storage both above and below the drawers. Like the rest of V-Grips Line, wire partitions and cages, as well as Equipto wire steel trays, are easily inserted according the storage needs. The drawers come with a 200 and 400 pound capacity along with varying individual dimension options. The drawers are also available with Equipto tray configuration to maximize organizational potential.

 A small but often overlooked feature on many storage units, the V-Grip Shelving come with attached label holders that will allow for a professional clean look, rather than the typical tape or printed sticker used to designate spaces. In short, rather than waste money and effort on a storage unit that limits your storage options, use V-Grips Adjustable Shelving with drawers.