Unistrut: Unipier Supports

When it comes to installation on a rooftop, Unistrut Unipier Supports can help you complete the job.  The Unistrut Unipier Rooftop Support System offers a variety of ways to support any rooftop system cost-effectively and safely. 

Lightweight, Cost-Effective, and Durable

A Unipier Rooftop Sleeper Support is one of the many products Unistrut has made for rooftop projects. The sleeper is the first in the industry to be white in order to reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays away from your roof. These sleepers are lightweight, cost-effective, and durable. But they are able to be cut to correct size on the job site. 

Rooftop Support System

The sleeper is durable enough to support a catwalk or run piping along your roof.  The Unipier Roof-top Support System for strut also provides a simple, yet versatile way to support piping, tubing, conduit, HVAC, and other systems without roof penetration. 

Accessories and Bases

With Unipier Support Bases, the entire system can remain off the surface. Unipier Bases also come as elevated support bases for your strut needs. With elevated steel or polycarbonate bases and mounting bases, you can manage and support your strut system on your rooftop while staying off the roof. 

Contact Steinco Industrial Solutions for more information on Unipier Support Products from Unistrut for your next rooftop project.