What is Fiberglass Framing?

What is Fiberglass Framing? It’s just what the name suggests. It’s the fitting together of pieces to give a structure shape and support – using fiberglass!

Fiberglass is a reinforced plastic material composed of glass fibers embedded in a resin matrix. It’s been around since WWII and has been used in the automotive, boating, and electronic industry for years. It’s used in construction as well and here at Steinco, we are big fans of the product.

Steinco Industrial Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of fiberglass products from Unistrut; including pipe and beam clamps, nuts, hardware and closure strips, general fittings and channels.

Fiberglass is superior to metals in many ways. It will never rust and is not affected by the weather, maintaining its strength and integrity for the life of the product. It is also resistant to a broad range of chemicals.

Fiberglass minimizes expansion and contraction with heat and cold resulting in less stress on seals, caulks and joints. Because of this quality, it can be used in demanding environments where steel strut systems may not be compatible.

Fiberglass is lightweight, making it a great choice where weight is an issue. In fact, it has a superior strength to weight ratio in all aspects. It can be installed quickly and easily using standard tools.

In addition, it can be infused with a resin rich gel coat that never needs painting. It’s perfect for new and existing construction. Environmentally friendly and paired with its longevity, strength and stability, fiberglass framing is an excellent choice for any construction project.