What is Flex Strut?

At Steinco Industrial, we’re proud to offer Flex Strut products to help you complete your metal framing projects. Flex Strut offers a wide range of metal strut products, as well as pipe clamps, fittings, braces, and even cylinder racks and concrete inserts!

One of the key benefits provided by Flex Strut products is their customization. By using many different materials and lengths for their strut options, it’s easy to find a metal strut that has the right strength and measurements for your unique metal framing needs. And if the specific materials and measurements you need aren’t currently available, the Flex Strut manufacturing process makes it easy to produce custom-fitted strut options.

Metal Strut Products from Flex Strut have been used in a wide range of locations, including schools, research laboratories, and even hospitals. These metal framing tools come with several fabrication options, including long slots, knockouts, universal slots, and more to allow for quick assembly. Utilizing metal strut products from Flex Strut ensures that your projects can be completed quickly and effectively.

Whether you need pre-fabricated metal struts or a completely custom welded combination, Flex Strut products provide quality and durability you can trust to ensure a great outcome for your metal framing needs.