What is the Purpose of a Flex-Strut Hydra-Zorb?

Do you require a reduction in metal on metal contact between clamps and the pipes they are holding in place throughout your facility? Flex-Strut, the leader in metal strut options, has a product made for just this purpose. 

Hydra-Zorb Features

Hydra-Zorb Cushion Clamps from Flex-Strut; are cushion clamps designed specifically for pipes, tubes, and hoses. Cushion clamps are designed to reduce contact and movement that can occur between metal on metal fluid connectors. 

These clamps are designed to help reduce vibration, noise, and shock caused by fluid surges used in the construction of stationary and mobile equipment. 

Benefits of Hydra-Zorb

Hydra-Zorb Cushion Clamps are available in electro-galvanized with yellow chromate rinse, stainless steel (304 or 316), aluminum, and hot galvanized material. They are resistant to most fuels, oils, greases, gases, solvents, mineral acids, and other harsh materials, and these clamps are designed to be durable and last for years in your facility. 

Additionally, Hydra-Zorb Cushion Clamps allow fluid connectors to be added or removed from the overall installation without disturbing adjacent lines. 

Various line sizes can be mixed to suit your installation and center distances between fluid connectors can be variable. 

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