What is Telestrut Telescoping Square Tubing from Unistrut?

Of the many metal framing products available from Unistrut, few are more versatile or helpful than Unistrut Telestrut Telescoping Square Tubing. But what makes square tubing stand out from other Unistrut products?

To start with, it helps to understand that Unistrut Telestrut Telescoping Square Tubing is—as the name implies—square. This tubing is perforated and available in two sizes P9000 and P9200 to create a telescoping unit with two pieces. The P9000 tubing can slide in and out of the P9200 tubing with ease, but it is secured in place with attachment rivets once it has been adjusted according to your desires. This allows you to easily adjust the dimensions of your metal framing projects using the square tubing system to achieve the exact measurements you need.

To further facilitate the use of Unistrut Telestrut Telescoping Square Tubing, special fasteners, fittings, base plates, and other accessories are also available. These products allow you to connect multiple sections of tubing or set up a firm base for objects assembled using these materials.

With a sturdy design and the ability to quickly and easily adjust the length of your tubing, the Unistrut Telestrut Telescoping Square Tubing is easy to use for a wide range of industrial applications—making it the perfect choice for many of your facility’s needs!