Blast Mitigation & Ballistics Protection

Ebtech is proud to be the exclusive marketing and distribution partner for PPG INDUSTRIES’ new Mil-Tough™ ICB Blast Panels.

Mil-Tough™ ICB Blast Panels are precast, reinforced panels designed to work together to provide a trusted source for blast mitigation and ballistic protection to resist the increasing terrorist threat that endangers physical assets at home and abroad. Solutions are applicable on new construction, retrofit applications, and temporary modular structures.

Due to the higher level of strength delivered by the base Inorganic Composite Binder (ICB) and the strength multiplier of its composite reinforcement, Mil-Tough™ ICB Blast Panels meet or exceed GSA blast performance in thinner and lighter forms without steel rebar or support structures.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Predictable and reliable threat protection for physical assets and personnel
  • Flame resistant
  • Quickly and easily installed in both new and retrofit construction
  • Base material strength and panels’ composite and coating multipliers eliminate the need for steel reinforcement
  • Repairable in place
  • 100% inorganic and green material

Mil-Tough™ ICB Panels’ hardening properties have been successfully tested against ballistic threats including armor-piercing rounds. This innovative panel system for building protection represents the most cost effective solution currently available.

Mil-Tough™ ICB Panels’ hardening properties have been tested against ballistic threats (standard rounds, armor-piercing rounds, friendly fire etc.) and blast threats (GSA low/medium/high) and can be configured based on threat level, standoff distances, etc.

Panels are available in a number of sizes and levels of threat protection as well as in a wide variety of designs, styles and colors to complement all types of building décor while offering superior protection for the occupants and assets.