Save space and save money by building up, not out! Ebtech’s mezzanines can double or triple your existing floor space – for up to 80% less than the cost of an addition.

Today’s successful businesses squeeze the most from every square foot of available space they have, including the available vertical space. Ebtech’s Modular Structural Mezzanines satisfy this directive by making existing space available for productive endeavors without a costly building addition.

We design and manufacture our mezzanines here in the USA. The structural steel design is engineered for maximum strength, stability and safety. Unlike roll-formed mezzanines whose designs are not flexible in configurations or capacity, our mezzanines maintain their maximum capacity even when taken down and reconfigured.

Our mezzanines do not have limitations as to the span size, allowing for more usable space underneath. Flexibility is what we strive for, which allows our systems to grow with the needs of your business.

Structural Mezzanines are ideal for the following multitude of uses:

  • Ebtech In-Plant Offices
  • Catwalks
  • Equipment Platforms
  • Observation Decks
  • Range Towers
  • Warehousing
  • Archive Storage
  • Conveyor Platforms
  • Manufacturing
  • Parts Storage
  • Vision Towers
  • Work Platforms

Our systems include a complete line of customizable components such as handrails, stairs, safety gates, security caging, guard rails, bollards, column protection and a wide choice of flooring materials. Our mezzanines are OSHA-, BOCA-, and IBC-compliant.

We have eliminated the frustrating, lengthy assembly time and component confusion that usually accompanies mezzanine installation with:

  • Clearly labeled installation drawings
  • Components are labeled to match drawing labels
  • Completely modular components
  • All bolt-together construction
  • Columns are completely equipped and ready to have beams bolted to them
  • Pre-drilled holes in column connection plates match pre-drilled holes in beams for easy aligning and installation
  • Unique connection angle for column/beam assembly provides speedy assembly and a safe work area. The angles have beam connection holes to doubly secure the beam to column union.
  • Handrail sections are completely factory welded
  • Stair stringers have the handrail sections factory welded in place