Understanding the Benefits of Using TA-50 Military Lockers

A Quintessential Guide to TA-50 Military Lockers

Storage lockers have been a part of the military for many years. The need to categorize, organize and store ammunition, guns and military gear has propelled manufacturers to create some of the best products on the market, but TA-50 military lockers have always been the standard.

Today, however, the military locker isn’t only limited for use by law enforcement and the military. Since it’s secured, durable and highly efficient, many businesses and even private individuals have discovered that using these storage lockers is far more beneficial than investing in a typical one.

What is a TA-50 military locker?

A Table of Allowances (TA) 50 refers to all standard issues gear for soldiers including an assault pack, a ruck sack, an advanced combat helmet and a load-bearing vest. And since each solider must have a complete set of TA-50 gear, the military had to find a way to make sure that soldiers have their own secure storage that’s easily accessible yet sturdy enough to withstand heavy duty use. Thus, the TA-50 military locker was created.

This type of locker was designed with all that TA-50 gear and a standard military operation in mind. There are two primary requirements for the TA-50 military locker: it needs to be visible and secured. This is why the body itself is made with welded wire or expanded metal, so gear can be easily checked for completeness without having to open the locker. The standard TA-50 storage lockers also measure 24” deep, 78” high and 42” wide keeping in mind all the gear that’s going to be stored in them. But these lockers can also be customized depending on your needs.

For easy access, the locker can be created with a single swing or bi-parting swing doors that are full length so when they’re opened, the personnel can easily pull out their firearm, for instance. Since these storage lockers typically hold very important military gear including guns and ammunitions, they need to be highly secured, which is why you’ll see a three-point locking system that uses either a key or padlock. This gives the owner sole access to his gear. A TA-50 military locker is also sturdy enough to stand alone or it can be designed as a row, especially when it’s placed in a storage facility or military barracks.

What are the benefits of using a TA-50 military locker?

Today, you’ll see that these TA-50 military lockers are being used in commercial, industrial and even residential applications because of these benefits:


  • Durability. Anything that’s designed with the military in mind is guaranteed to be durable. So, if you’re investing in a TA-50 military locker, you can expect that everything is made with the best quality materials that will withstand wear and tear.
  • Efficiency. If you need something to organize important gear where you can easily access them while keeping them safe, the TA-50 storage lockers will surely fit the bill. You can even customize your locker to fit your exact needs. For instance, you can add shelves or hanging bars depending on how you plan to use it for storage.

So, if you’re looking for a durable, efficient, and secure storage solution, check out the TA-50 storage lockers that are available on the market today. If you need more information and assistance with this, don’t hesitate to contact Steinco Industrial Solutions!