The strength of key structural components can make the difference between a safe industrial installation and one you can't afford to take a chance on. No matter what the application, high-quality struts, channels, framing, and supports are critical for trustworthy operation. 

Unistrut makes a variety of high-quality metal components for a range of applications, including manufacturing, construction, and many other industries that demand powerful, stable, and reliable frames, surfaces, and structures. 

Some of the standout products that Unistrut makes include the following: 

  • Three different gauges of metal framing, providing strength to any structure and any job. Metal framing comes in 1 and 5/8", 1 and 1/4", and 13/16" sizes. Nuts, closures, end caps, electrical fittings, and more are also available. 
  • A variety of fiberglass framing, channel sections, fittings, plus nuts, bolts, and hardware. Pipe clamps, hanging, and other components provide flexible installation. 
  • Versatile, durable telescopic tubing 
  • Powerful, interlock grating to quickly build durable structures 
  • Seismic and Unipier supports for added security 
  • Reliable roofwalk components that save years of wear and tear on a job site 

Unistrut components are OSHA compliant, and any Unistrut product you buy from Steinco Industrial Solutions comes with our added services. We use high-quality Unistrut struts, supports, and industrial components to design and install durable structures anywhere you desire and help manage their lifespan years into operation. 

You can find these products and more at Steinco Industrial Solutions by calling our friendly service agents or filling out a contact form