Shelving and Racks

EQUIPTO Shelving Systems make the job of consolidating parts storage areas much easier and more efficient. Making use of both drawers and shelving, EQUIPTO V-Grip storage systems provide the ultimate in storage adaptation and future flexibility. Engineered for optimal structural integrity, these storage systems will supply dependable support for years to come. The system's individual components can be easily adjusted to conform to specialized storage needs and/or the layout of a particular area. The enamel paint finish means that these racks and shelving materials are not only sturdy, but visually attractive as well.

Placing drawers at waist level permits easy access to small parts. Furthermore, the larger, heavier parts can be placed on the bottom shelves for weight support. In today's constantly changing business climate, you shouldn’t commit yourself to one fixed storage solution. With EQUIPTO’s V-Grip shelving and related storage accessories, you have access to state-of-the-art equipment that you can trust.

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V-Grip Shelving
Solid Shelving
Open Shelving
Shelving w/ Drawers
Bin Shelving
Economy Wire Shelving
Shelving Carts
Bulk Rack
Wire Rack
Tire Rack
Iron Grip
Closed Shelving
Open Shelving
Shelving w/ Drawers
Zip-In Shelving
Boltless Storage Racks
Economy Shelving

Bar Rack/Standard and HD
Specialty Racks
Reel Racks

Pick Racks
Drawer Racks