EQUIPTO Secure Storage

Maximizing Your Commercial Space with EQUIPTO Secure Storage

One of the biggest challenges of putting together an office or workshop is finding ways to maximize your space, so your team can work efficiently and seamlessly together. This is why it’s a must that you invest in cabinets and storage solutions that will allow you to achieve this goal. EQUIPTO has always been known to offer the most compact solutions that help maximize any available space in a commercial setting. The brand is known for products like:

  • Portable, modular, lockable cabinets and carts
  • Secure shelving and racks
  • Aisle systems
  • Fully customizable workstations built to fit any sized space

When it comes to smart storage solutions for the office, workshop or any other commercial setting, EQUIPTO has always been on top of the game because of its top-quality products that have been used by different industries around the world. For many years, the company has built its credibility as the trusted name for secure storage that allows you to stay organized, secure your materials and save money while you’re at it. No matter what type of equipment, tools and parts you use, EQUIPTO surely has a storage solution for you.

Steinco Industrial Solutions, Inc. sells a wide variety of versatile, customizable, secure storage lockers, cages and cabinets for different uses and industrial applications. We carry EQUIPTO storage solutions and other related products that will surely fit your business requirements. Get in touch with our friendly service agents to learn more about our EQUIPTO products or fill out a contact form and we’ll get right back to you.