EQUIPTO Workbenches and Workcenters provide years of useful, rugged, and highly efficient space utilization. You can select from wall-mounted or freestanding units, with or without drawers, and the largest variety of accessories to make the most of your workspace. These units feature an ergonomic design that enhances productivity; they also enable easy retrieval of tools and parts by providing a single readily accessible area that holds these items.

These units provide an enormous range of options. With a wide selection of available sizes, it’s easy to find a workcenter that works with a particular environment—these products have found a home in a wide array of workplaces, including the automotive, educational, manufacturing, healthcare, and military sectors. You have your choice of steel, stainless steel, wood, laminate, and ESD tops. Mobile and easy-to-configure, they can be installed side-by-side to create continuous row assemblies, or in just about any other kind of arrangement you prefer.

In short, EQUIPTO's extensive line of Workbenches and Workcenters will organize your work areas in a way that will make your employees more comfortable and productive.

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Modular Drawer Cabinet WC's
Closed Leg Workcenters
Pedestal Workcenters
Iron-I Workcenters
Open Leg Workcenters
Teardown Bench
Tech Bench Workcenters
Equiptoflex Workcenters