From the industry's strongest galvanized steel struts to reliable clamp hangers for piping jobs that need to be done right, Flex-Strut is a trustworthy name in the world of industrial applications. At Steinco Industrial Solutions, we're proud to carry a variety of durable components from a company that has provided framing systems and several proprietary technologies since 1994. 

Some of the highlights of the Flex-Strut catalog that we sell include: 

  • Metal Strut and Channel Systems Systems 
  • Hydra-Zorb® Cushion Clamps 
  • Flex Wrap®, providing the industry's highest quality, durable bondage 
  • FlexAngle® slotted angle, capable of adding strength to a variety of support systems 
  • Pipe Pier® rooftop pipe supports systems 
  • Gripple hangfast support systems 
  • Klo-Shure pipe clamps available in several different gauges 

Flex-Strut is also known for providing parts for custom-fabricated lab furniture, including tables, shelving, and equipment racks used in factories, commercial laboratories, and educational institutions. 

We use Flex-Strut framing systems and custom fabrications to meet our customers' exact specifications. Flex-Strut products are built to be versatile, and at Steinco, that versatility allows us to design and build durable structures that fit your needs. 

We carry a variety of Flex-Strut fittings, brackets, pipe clamps, braces, fasteners, and hardware. 

You can find these products and more at Steinco Industrial Solutions by calling our friendly service agents or filling out a contact form